Clinical Evidence Based Information System - CEBIS

An innovative new system from Soutron for managing clinical information and knowledge that supports front line medical staff and improves patient care.

Improving patient care relies upon translating knowledge into action.

CEBIS is a comprehensive solution to manage knowledge across clinical, research and governance. Developed with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, it directly leads to improved patient care, identifies risk and mitigates knowledge gaps by a rich set of tools to disseminate information. 

CEBIS is easily used by junior doctors, nursing and allied health staff as well as outreach staff and clinical librarians to share research evidence and to build expertise and knowledge shares.

CEBIS is a hosted service that requires no capital investment or specialist IT infrastructure. It can be used with mobile devices and is accessible from any location by authorised users. Practice guidelines, database technologies, communication exchange and expert staff working within a set of proven processes and using an operational software tool with a simple searchable interface.

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By sharing and combining expertise, knowledge, research and analysis of evidence, demonstrable outcomes are improved patient care and cost savings.  In addition, hospitals find increased time saving and resource availability.

Risk reduction is critical to all medical establishments.

The benefits of CEBIS include:

  • Evidence-based decision making for quality patient care in a timely and effective manner
  • An archive of evidence summaries and presentations for reference and education of junior doctors
  • Improved information literacy, resource awareness and critical appraisal skills
  • To promote open discussion and decision making within the specialty's evidence in practice group (EPG)
  • A link from within CEBIS directly to the patient record
  • A platform on which to submit queries direct from EPR
  • Direct links to PubMed for search updates
  • An audit trail of all work generated per query including outcome measures

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CEBIS exemplifies partnership and cooperation for education in evidence-based practice and the implementation of informed clinical decision-making. Evidence summaries, and particularly EPGs will bring about changes to practice and result in clear cost savings.

A pilot has recently been completed at UHCW and is now being rolled out throughout the trust. Jacqui LeMay, Project Lead said: "We developed this because there was a need to capture CEBIS work, to facilitate the use of research evidence in practice, enable it to be shared and discussed, to ultimately inform vision making, and increase our knowledge base. We found it is now invaluable for our staff at the Trust."

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We asked some of the consultants who had used CEBIS for feedback and below is a summary what they said:

“A novel and innovative way of integrating information acquisition and dissemination to the clinical team and patients in a busy clinical environment. Of importance for the Trust is a significant reduction in costs for delivering the treatment. Major savings from diminished demand for inpatient beds, less need for pre op investigations, and higher turnover in theatres as the turnaround time is diminished. Less costly anaesthetics and less demand on theatre portering services.”

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Mr M Hero
Consultant Ophthalmologist

“Another area where we have significantly benefited as a Trust from the CEBIS service is our policy regarding the management of peri-ocular tumours.  The management of peri-ocular tumours has always been evidence based as far as the oculoplastic service was concerned but it became apparent that there were huge variations in clinical practice between various co-disciplines.  We were asked by the cancer steering group of the Trust to present our findings and with the assistance of the peer review evidence produced by the CEBIS we were able to highlight the inconsistencies in the management of peri-ocular tumours across several co-disciplines with the Trust.  The rather compelling evidence provided by CEBIS has resulted in a significant change in attitudes and practice Trust wide and these recommendations have been embraced by all the disciplines managing peri-ocular tumours.  The rather compelling evidence furnished by this service not only convinced other clinicians to adopt and consider this management pathway but also will benefit the Trust in the long term in terms of reduction in recurrence rates and compliance with best practice.

We completely support the proposals to expand the CEBIS and I would like to add my support to this future development, which will help us in truly delivering high quality and excellent clinical care.  We hope this development will aid us in becoming a centre of clinical excellence underpinned with demonstrable evidence based practice."

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Mr Harpreet S Ahluwalia
Consultant Ophthalmologist

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“We achieved excellence in terms of clinical governance and we saved a lot of money in terms of shortening hospital stay. 

CEBIS allowed us to co-ordinate work with virologists, microbiologists, GU Medicine and geriatricians to give these patients the most appropriate treatment and shorten their otherwise very long duration hospital stay.  We had very favourable clinical outcomes.

Supports my service, to resolve challenging clinical cases utilising evidence based medicine approach and to improve clinical pathways reducing unnecessary clinical appointments and cost." 

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Mr Sergio Pagliarini
Consultant Ophthalmologist

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"Personally, I find the service invaluable when we do our investigations into clinical errors.  It can really put the situation into context and give us a reference point from which to conduct the investigation.

I’ve used it quite a few times and I encourage my team to do so too.

It gives credibility to an investigation, especially when dealing with clinicians who like facts and research."  

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Yvonne Gatley
Associate Director of Governance
University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust

"I have found this to be a valuable resource, not only for training junior doctors but also to make them aware of the wealth of resources and tools available, this can make a real improvement in patient care."

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Dr Sailesh Sankar MD FRCP
Consultant Physician
Endocrinology & Diabetes
Hon. Asst. Professor University of Warwick
Royal College of Physicians Tutor
CMT Programme Lead - Coventry and Warwick Chair of Specialist Training Committee - Endocrinology & Diabetes - West Midland Deanery

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