Hosting Platform Upgrade

Over the coming months we will be upgrading our hosted platform to enable us to provide a better, more secure and resilient service to our clients.
All data centers (DC) we use are manned 24x7 by dedicated security teams who, in conjunction with physical security barriers around the perimeter of the site, 24x7 monitored CCTV, access card restricted multi-layer access points, man traps and biometric iris scanners ensure the physical security of the site and our clients' data is kept secure.
All data will be held on private servers where only Soutron technical staff have access.
By using a Tier 4 provider we have ensured the highest possible resilience to our platform, this ensures no single point of failure exists anywhere in the building or network. This includes electricity, Internet providers, fire suppression, air control, all network firewalls, switches and routers, servers and SAN's. This is further backed up by the robust virtual platform our servers reside on. In addition our provider comes fully backed with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards.
In addition to the fully secure and resilient network structure your data will be held on a storage area network (SAN), this allows us to replicate your data to a remote DC, this ensures that should something happen to our primary DC all data is still safe and can be brought back online in a matter of hours.
Below is an example of the network structure in its simplest form.
Network Diagram