Upgraded Support Portal

Registered users can now interact with each other in a forum style community area. As well as posting questions for Soutron staff and other Soutron clients to respond to, users can also post ideas for new features and report bugs that they have found in the system (however, we would suggest that if it is a matter that is affecting day-to-day use of the system that a support ticket is opened instead).
We would like to encourage the use of the community area for sharing experiences and best practises within your own library / information department. Show other Soutron clients how your operation shines!
The portal is now the perfect place to manage helpdesk tickets, live chat with our support desk and browse through our ever growing Knowledge Base. Should you have any suggestions for Knowledge Base articles, please forward them to the helpdesk as we would be more than happy to write a guide and publish it for you and others to use.
Register to take full advantage of these new exciting features. We hope that you will find this update to our helpdesk useful but remember, if there is a missing feature you would like to see why not post your ideas?