Soutron (UK) FTP changes

Please note the following change only applies to Soutron, not SoutronGlobal customers.
As part of our continued efforts to improve security we are making a few changes to our FTP service. 
The changes mean you will be issued with a new username and password as well as host address, port numbers have not changed. These will be emailed out individually over the next few days.

If you have not received your new login by the 15th December please contact the help desk (
The new FTP service is already live and will run alongside the old service until the 12th January 2018 when the old service will be removed from service.
We know many of our clients run automated processes for uploading data so it is vital these automated processes are also updated with the new details as soon as possible to avoid problems with future uploads, In some cases it may also be necessary to have your IT update firewall rules to allow the new host address through your firewall. The new host domain is:

The new FTP service now supports SFTP, if you wish your account to be enabled for this please let the help desk know and they will happily set this up for you. By default all accounts are enabled for FTPS and FTPES only.
We also have a number of users with multiple accounts so our aim is to consolidate these accounts, in these cases please circulate this email and the new login details with members of your organisation who may require the login for their uploads as well. Only in special cases where this is not possible will we issue multiple accounts.
Please contact our help desk for more information if you are unsure about any of the above information.
NOTE: All credentials have now been issued, if you have not received them please contact the helpdesk.